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Taking More Time Off

I am not doing well, and I’m pretty under the weather, and kind of making changes in my life right now. I feel like God finally brought someone into my life, and I am just trying to adjust to that while trying to let go of who I was chasing before. It’s still fresh.

Also, I have tried to do a blog about the Loveless Church found in Revelation, but the more I tried to bring it out into detail, and apply it to my situation, the more it became something else, because I wanted to open up about my viewpoint on love in general, but it feels messy when I explain it, and further, the language is painful and sad to talk about it, so instead I am just going to continue getting healthy again, fighting these battles, and hopefully I can start doing blogs again that aren’t wierd.

bless you my friends, pray for me, I pray back

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