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The Digital Wall – Tear Down This Wall!!

The dems claim that they want modern techniques for controlling immigration, but what they are talking about is an intellectual wall or intellectuwall if you will. They aren’t interested in just a digital wall. This thing they are proposing is Anti-American, and will lead to more school shootings, more rampages, more general violence, and rioting. Trump cannot back down at this point, he needs to drop an MOAB on the opposing plan of of the democrats. These intellectual walls are actually being used against us, not to control illegal immigration. The IW is the same as gun control, it seems like a good idea until the civil war erupts, and I’m warning you now, this is my open letter to the intellectual wall:

GET OUT OF MY WAY or there’s going to be a PROBLEM you can’t solve, I MEAN it, get out of my way. Last warning.

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