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Born Again

I don’t know why, but there’s only one thing that still makes me happy every….single….time. The sound of the bath spout pouring water out, and the sound of the water moving through the pipes in the walls. It makes two sounds at the same time, the deep rushing of the spout, and the whistle in the wall.

Jesus is like that, he is a rushing river of water, and also the Angel of the Lord who sings over us. He is encouraging me in even my darkest days, and I’m forever in debt and thankful for Him, because it wasn’t like this growing up. It was cold and crude. I lived in fear for many years everyday, and struggled with unparalleled dark days of symptoms of mental illness, followed by self medicating, ruining my relationships, and doing stupid things. But, He cleanses my soul, and washes away the shame of my nakedness, and he doesn’t have to.

I often feel like I really don’t matter in the scheme of things, but I don’t spend my days blaming, and God forgave me this great debt, so in my gratefulness, I try to do the same to others, from God’s glory to God’s glory. God is so good. I’m not signaling my virtue, because I fall short of this quite a lot, but it’s just part of knowing God, and obeying him, that we give that same love and forgiveness to others. It’s not my virtue, it’s His, and this is His time of the year! He is the reason for the season.

Bless you my friends, and say a prayer for me, as I will do the same for you and we can work together – billy

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