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Let’s Talk About Love: The Environment

In celebration of, I don’t know. HotDogs? Let’s talk about love and the environment too. We all want to live in a beautiful garden like for example I don’t know, Calabasis.

The main reason is comfort, and it seems that the only comforts we have in California, at least, are getting too populated. The reason is not what you might think. It’s actually because of our ignorance of love. Yup, it’s true. 

Environmentalist are not loving, and they don’t care if your poor, and don’t want to live in the hood, they want your money, and your self worth on the table to fix things, so they can have a pretty umbrella on their patio.

we don’t want to get into the Egyptian pyramid kind of mentality, where everyone is supposed to live in rags while we dress up the king and queen, and their dead.

They are also wrong about recycling per se. We need to get away from an expensive recycling mentality, and to turn to a cheap conversion mentality.  The whole idea and point of cleaning the environment, is to do it in a way that we can all afford it.

When it comes to nature, believe it or not, plants and trees are in love with each other and us and they share space, and convert carbon into oxigen so we can breath.

The key word is convert. Plants and trees do not use landfills or recycling containers, they convert it right on the spot, because they love their trash. They even funnel it back into the root system. They also mate and spread, and they don’t all stay in the same place, hint.  

Environmentalist also have crazy answers to things like solar panels. Solar Panels are a solution, not an answer. Solar panels are expensive to build and invest in, and costs the environment just as much as using oil does.

Thats why I’m writing this. Because that dilemma is proportional to the problem with our skies. It’s not about how much carbon is in the air, so please spare me the numbers, rather, its’ where it is concentrated.

If we started investing in converting our deserts into beautiful comfortable places to live, on a very low budget, then the carbon would naturally spread out, and global temperatures would stop rising, all naturally on it’s own.

It also solves the landfill problem, because our trash is supposed to be used in the ground, not thrown into plastic bags and buried for a thousand years. Now understand that doesn’t mean build trailers in the desert and pump them full of air conditioning. That would be going in the other direction. That would consequently also fizzle the idea out which has happened many times. 

It starts with seperating our trash from the plastics, and buring that in the deserts so that after it degrades its not just sand out there anymore. Then plants and trees start to grow, and pretty soon your living in a garden. Thats the book of love my friends.

If you don’t believe me, let break it down to simpler math. What if we were talking about a campground. How many campfires, and belongings is safe for everyone without getting gover crowded, and losing the mystification of being under the stars?

Well, the problem is easily solved. When the campground is full, you put a sign up that says full, and refer them to another campground, we don’t put a sign that says stop the campfires, but thats what we are heading for anyways, and that is truly sad.

God didnt make a mistake when he created campfires, and carbon in the atmophere is not the problem. The atmosphere is in love with the carbon, and wants to follow it around all day long for the rest of it’s life. It can’t take it’s mind off of it! It also wants carbon to be safe and sound. Hint. 

So, thats the book of love

Thanks for reading everyone, I welcome comments and feedback, and I do read them and listen.

Note: When I say I welcome comments and feedback, I don’t mean wait 20 years, and give me an inappropriate gif with a clue about what you think about my problems, ok? There are other ways to communicate, but usually when it’s inappropriate and involves cursing, your automatically wrong, so spare yourself the trouble. That’s what grandma always said. Bless you all. 

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