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Mueller, Smueller

So with this new house, we are expecting the investigation to heat up, and eventually turn into impeachment proceedings. Criminally they have nothing, and it’s been two years since Trump took office. This whole thing was mostly just a fishing expedition to find corruption. However, it’s totally misdirected, since Trump is an elected president, and he could stop it at any time really. It’s deceitful to act like this is about Trump when it’s really about elections and politics and pretend that Trump supporters are mentally incompetent, while the popular vote is lifted up as a God or something.

Popular means zero in America, because we are the United States, not united high population states. Mueller is part of a one sided attack on the presidency, and even more, an attack designed to gain support for dems in 2020, not what they say which is to investigate Trump. This is also due to the fact that despite Trumps dumb twitter rants, the red wave is ticking like a clock. It’s over for Democrats people, they are drowning in their own problems. They never take responsibility for anything, and the result is that Republicans are stronger than ever.

Michael Cohen, an attorney for Trump briefly recently confessed to charges somewhat related to Trump, and Paul Manafort also was dragged down into this, and none of it implicates Trump at all.  Cohen and Manafort are both people who are truly desperate to save whats left of their lives, and mueller managed to get forced confessions. That’s simply why it means nothing, I mean, people make deals everyday in court to get on with their lives. Cohen wanted to get on with his life, and save what he can. Mueller is bat crazy, and he should be fired immediately!

Mueller and the investigation is purely a sham, this very clearly about power. They don’t care about Russian influence, this is about winning in 2020, and finding windows into Republicans private lives, so they can fix the elections, and push for socialism. 

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