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In The Eye Of The Storm

The eye of the storm is a time of joy, and appreciation for that brief break from everything. It’s a sign that we are half way through, but also a sign that it’s supposed to get a little easier from this point on. We were in the eye of the storm, but the storm is back again, and makes it hard to imagine that anything could ever get better. I try so hard to build a new life where I can actually be a light to others, and all I see is that I have to do everything myself. I once heard a believer say “but you have Jesus,” that’s true, but even had friends on his side, and when they failed, he still had someone. 

But that’s Jesus, and if so Jesus then more so me. 

Thanksgiving I guess is supposed to remind us that we should be thankful, but it also says in the same Bible where thankfulness is, is to not be thankful for pain and adversity. I can look for the good, but I don’t just go away with a simple swipe.

You can easily blame me for being so dumb to think that the place I was meant to be, was somehow going to materialize, when it hasn’t time and time again, but safety isn’t always my thing. I know what is rightfully mine, I see it, but it’s from the outside looking in. I probably lost you by now, but read just a little more.

Some people are just low, but sometimes what others view as low, is actually because they are too high for their own good. We all need to believed a little bit, to be given the benefit of the doubt. When we don’t, it creates fear. Keeping someone in the dark simply because your too scared you’ll get hurt or if it could be a bad person, may be safe, but it’s not better to be safe then sorry.

Life is a risk, and it’s fun actually to take those risks, because along the way you will meet amazing people, and with a little goal list, you can find your dreams, but it never happens without some risk.  If I marry someone, I want her to be someone who took a risk on me, because that builds strength, and creates lasting happiness! I’ve had every possible thing go wrong that could go wrong, and yet I never once regretted being strong anyways.

Maybe it’s time for me to take off my blinders though, and replace that word “trust” with “interest”. When we do that we may finally uncover who are friends really are, and as we keep doing it, we’ll know right away who our lewd enemy is.

Thanks everyone for stopping by, and I really am thankful for it!

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