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My boring political predictions for 2018 – 2019

I did predict the market will explode overnight after the 2016 election, contrary to what even Trump predicted, so I have some clout. Read on to find out my predictions, not just for the election, but where we stand afterward. The numbers are already out, so at this point my predictions are very safe.

This upcoming vote is a battle between two prevailing forces, that in some ways are working together as well. We have Trump’s Administration and Supporters against a blistering blue wave of “politics as usual” kind of ideology. Together they make the white machine, and it will never stop. The indians tried it, the muslims tried it, the libs tried it, the socialists tired it, the illegal immigrants tried it, I mean it never ends, and it just keeps going. Why? Jobs.

We have a republican party that is still breaking unprecedented voting records to this day. They are trying to retain the senate, and I think they will pull it off, because this blue wave often comes around this time of year since 1989-ish, so it’s really nothing new at all. We are as ready as we’ll ever be.

Trump is worried, I can say that, and I WAS a little worried about it. This election could decide whether all of what Trump has promised will come true or not. If they take the senate, it’s not the end, however it will slow down a schedule that’s already slow. But as we get close to the election, the democrats are still melting down over every little issue, and so it’s an easy prediction. The repubs are still strong. The blue wave will be minimal.

Trump has made recent threats of closing the border down, and ending birthright citizenship. I wish he would follow through with what he says, but all too often he is just trying to bring something to the bargaining table. That may hurt him, because we are only as good as our WORD.

It’s too late to fight amnesty. It’s going to happen, so now it’s just a matter of how to open the borders. Why do I say? Because even Trumps own party is not interested in this which I already knew was going to be the case as we got further along in the presidency.

Paul Ryan is too young, and has lost touch with me, but he has lots of fan-ship from Democrat elites incidentally, I mean Paul is the gift that keeps on giving to the other side. This election is not about you, it’s just about retaining power for them. That’s good and bad. It means they at least know what they need to do next. Retain what we have.

If I put my opinion into the mix, I would say, take in all the women and girls, and send the boys and their daddies back to El Salvador to take back their country. It’s fair, and it’s the right thing to do. Americans built our community on the backs of people who fought for it.  Many of these asylum seekers are legitimate, at least, on an individual basis, but read on for more…

Blue wave people are thinking that we are in our own unprecedented Berlin wall situation, and we’ll just eventually let it down anyways. That is a possibility, and I could almost see it as a positive, however it’s NEVER ever been done before, and will WORRY a lot of people, so it can’t last long. So, if you think that the majority is going to fold, your wrong, because as soon as they see the market drop, this little Berlin Wall moment will be gone with the wind.

So let’s put a looking-glass on our next blue wave for a moment. First, If people were researching and studying more, there wouldn’t be a blue wave for a very long time, but so many who don’t do their research just follow tradition, and the left’s usual stuff. Yep, it’s just a thing. In fact, there is only one thing going for the left right now, and sadly it’s just really great slogans. Slogans are the Democrats X factor.

The Democrats X factor wont work this time, because abortion isn’t in the discussion for this election at all, I mean AT ALL. Not even their voters want to talk about it. They are wising up and realizing that PP is not a victim, and there are far more important issues.

I could discuss the California Propositions right now, but talk about borrrring! The only thing that matters is to vote YES on 6. It’s not a safety issue, it’s a happiness issue. Dems are looking to add 600 more dollars to your gas and dmv bill, on top of the 12 cent tax they have already added which Prop 6 is trying to correct

It looks as though it is already defeated, unless the 20% un-deciders happen to just be people who can’t afford any more money. Hope :). My guess is that the issue doesn’t bother the very rich and successful that much, mainly because they are trying to kick out the poor anyways, so it’s a win, win for them.

So, I can safely say it wont pass. Will that come back to bite the boys in blue, uhhh ya. That’s going to hurt on the next election. In two years from now, the trump train is going to roll right over the Dems.

They have gotten the police and firefighters into this,  and are trying to make it a safety issue, but stealing money is not safe, you can put a dot on that.

Come to think of it, prop 10 is a good example of problems already surfacing here. As long as the dems steal our money, us renters are forced to side with rent control. So there ya go, problems already in the bag. I will say regretabley I am siding with real estate people on this and saying no to rent control, because I have to. I work in real estate. Funny irony. Also, I would add that homeowners and real estate people do have a point. If we stifle home sales, then rent control wont fix it, only make a problem bigger. So pray, and yes I pray that way.

So, where do we stand in a world where the  president is so secretive that’s he’s willing to literally tweet about anything except what he’s doing? We’ll, I will say that Trump will still find himself ahead. So far every attempt to thwart the president has put him ahead. After all, he has made an empire out of going to court and arguing with people. No one will stop the trump train, if it comes down to the legal side of this.

I don’t have to predict that voter turn out will be unprecedented. It’s already been predicted.  It surely WILL lean blue, however they only have Trump to thank for that.

Bless you everyone, and make sure to send me a message or email, or friend or follow me on Facebook, or Instagram.

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