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Check Back On Saturday Morning For My Latest Political Predictions 2018.

I like to do predictions, and no I am not using a crystal ball, but you will think so if you have followed my past predictions, and so follow my latest ones. I do actually use historical research, I just don’t flaunt it, because I’m not desperate for anyone’s attention or my English teachers hat-tip, or to prove something they could find out with a single google search anyways. Think of me as your Momma, I have a time machine, and you better listen. If your wondering why I am good at predictions, it’s just something I fool around with since I can’t get a single date, but I  have something more than just historical research, I have….drum roll…etymology.

Yes, I get it, I probably forgot a comma somewhere, but just because your one comma stronger than I am, it doesn’t mean a thing, in fact C-Students get more jobs anyways. A-students invent Facebook, and probably don’t forget the comma, however there is only one Facebook and one Google. Not to mention one trophy, one moon, one planet, one sun, and one universe, not counting God’s universe. I mean if I spend my life trying to compete with that I might as well just hang it up now, and take that vacation I can’t afford. By the way, you might think your great because you know how to spell “you’re,” but that only helps if your writing, not speaking, and frankly we need more people to speak. Me, I like to speak, however no one listens anymore, and there is no one standing in line waiting to hear me, so I write this blog in case they happen to need me.

Could I be a heavy hitter, yes, and should I at least try to invent the next Facebook, yes, however I am not interested, because this is getting costly, way too costly. The responsibility that falls on them is just not worth it anyways. I’m not going to say only fools would do that, because frankly I am tired of the term fool lately. Fool has two meanings, being fooled, and just foolishness. I like to play both hands.

That’s because I like to have fun, meaning I like to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Don’t get me wrong, it gets me in trouble every….single….time, but it’s not for a lack of faith or works. I would just rather continue what I have always done which came from God’s plan for me, and liberate myself and others. The truth will set us free. If your a conservative and your reading this, you need to listen, because on more than one occasion my liberal readers do, and often use my plans. I was the first Resistor only it was for us, conservative thinkers. And since you didn’t listen, well guess what, Hillary did, and it cost you. Hillary doesn’t even know what she is resisting, yet somehow took the time anyways. She stole my movement! You could at least give me the consideration I deserve.

Well, Saturday my predictions will be out and it’s fun fun fun, so have a great day. Bless You


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