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Stormy Daniels Sexist Comment

I think this is hilarious, I love it when T dog calls people names, but Stormy is a sexist, pure and simple. She had nothing to add, so her response is to make a sexist comment. I’ll be honest, I like the name calling, but did she have to say something so off color? There’s a hundred names you could call Trump, but “small” isn’t one of them. If anyone has read more about Trump, he got rich off of being sued. Anyone dumb enough to take Trump to court and think your going to win is going to find a “big” surprise at the end of that. So maybe Stormy should have called him “big”, because there’s millions of people who’s look small on the outside, but are amazing good people on the inside, and she just basically tore all of them down in order to raise herself up while getting back at Trump. Her losing streak, I have a feeling, has just begun.

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