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I love the high energy sound of this band Carrollton. The song that I really took notice of was Shelter, and it’s just amazing songwriting. It appears to be a song written in a way that they just put the story on paper, and then assembled it. That’s the way songs should be written: Don’t worry about the sound and the rhymes, rather just get the story on paper, and allow the song to kind of write itself, and allow the rhythm and emotion guide you scripturally . It’s a mature look at the Bible as it pertains to shelter: Trusting the Lord in weariness, and storms and floods in our lives, and He is our hope and anchor in the storm. It has lots of great messages, and worth reading the lyrics. God is all we need.

They don’t look like your typical contemporary worship band. They are all from Cincinnati Oh, and Louisville KY. I lived in Cincinnati myself for a while, and I can tell you it was hard to get good music on the radio there mainly because the radio industry isn’t as big like here in SoCal, despite WKRP, lol. So it’s cool to see them come out of there somehow. The concert scene is big over there, so it’s still a good place to start out, and clearly it worked for them.

Hopefully they will looking at releasing something new soon, but until then this song is still fresh to me!

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