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Whom The Son Sets Free

I’m big into freedom, because there’s only one other alternative, and that’s slavery. Freedom or slavery. I’ve heard people say that tight self disciplinary rules are the way to freedom, but that’s something that has been done over and over again since the fall of man. It is possible to be free, and still strengthen yourself, however we need to overcome anxiety. When we asked God into our lives, he has already won the battle (or war for some of us.) We are made new! The only way to the way is through The Way. But how can we realize freedom, and freedom in Christ at the same time, without taking on more yoke and bondage? By simply turning to Him. We don’t have to get cleaned up first, so we come as we are.

I tried 8 times, but I’m exhausted, uninspired, and unmotivated.

Many of us have already heard the spiel about not using using our freedom for sin, but many Christians aren’t free. It’s supposed to be “my yoke is easy, and my burden is light,” rather it seems today we are living a different thing. Its “My overbearing rules are easy, and my discipline is light, and by the way, good luck trying to put on that armor this morning for the 8th time in a row.”

Keep in mind though, the Lord will correct us over and over again when we start to use our freedom for sin and evil. So we pray “Jesus I don’t know what to do with this nightmarish thing they call life”


Christ you are the very end of our search, guide us in Your freedom, strengthen us IN the freedom, and not in a heavy yoke. Give me a heart and mind to serve you selflessly, but make it salty. Amen

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