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In The H@nds Of God

I’m studying Ecclesiastes right now, and I will say it’s not easy to get the entire picture of this book, then again that is part of the subject. That we can’t know everything. The book has many repeated statements told in a different way, and some of those that have more elaboration attached to it later in the book as you read on. One of the subject’s in chapter eight and nine is about how you can’t find out the full knowledge of God, and we can’t even understand love and hate fully. We try and try, but we never really understand knowledge and emotions in the bigger picture.

Our Minds Are A GlObe

This is old news, but there was a study done about memory, and it got good media attention for a day. The people involved in the study concluded that we have trouble with memory, because we live on a globe, but we are trying to think in terms of a linear process. In other words, everything is globular including, but not limited to our thinking and mental processes. That’s why we have words that rhyme, and words that mean more than one thing, or names that also are words. It’s confusing to learn, but the madness has a method. In other words, our thought processes are more like a popular rock song, vs. a classical orchestra song. Pop songs are always in a loop (repeating the chorus, and melody) but orchestra songs never repeat anything, rather the melody changes as it goes.

No one knows It All (See what I did there, “no and know”?)

So it’s interesting, because a question comes to mind: The very thing that is supposed to help us think more fluidly, is also working against us, because we are always mulling back over the same thoughts, and we find in Ecclesiastes that everything is vain, and we cant know it all. It turns out, according to pop science, we only use 10% of our brains. Alarming, but it’s not all bad, because the extra we are not using is helping us grow, like when a rose bush is pruned, it grows stronger and produces more vibrant strong flowers.

L@ve @nd H@te

We chase after all understanding, but we wont ever get there, bc we will die before we make it. Moses lived like 900 years, and even he couldn’t get a grasp of everything. For those who are trusting God for life, everything good and perfect is in his hands. We’ll never fully understand love and hate, but if we focus on love for Jesus and let that fill us up, we can find peace, simply by always focusing on God first, and others second. When it comes to loving and correcting our neighbors always start with the positives, and tough love last. It’s a great way to rearrange our attitude which gives ourselves peace, but still be honest without attacking the personal character of others, because we don’t know their story.

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