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Salt And light

We are called to be salt and light, so I’m rebranding to focus more on leading others to Jesus through my blog. My focus on moralism often takes away from our true hope, and can even distract me and other’s from what matters, that is, we need Jesus, and then to allow Him to use us to love others eternally just like Him. His love is eternal love.

What is salt?

It refers to making the Jesus life tasteful and passionate. Jesus is love, and the Spirit brings comfort. Jesus is love, and He is practically irresistible when we are the tasty substance of his eternal love.

What is light?

To reassure to the world of what He has already done for us, a priceless work. Dying for us, so that we could live. His cross was just a plain old tree. His blood poured out was both cleansing and a warning. We are redeemed through His blood and God made our blood the color red to serve as a warning. Red is not supposed to bring comfort, but He sent the Holy Spirit to be the comforter. Before the cross we were in pure shambles. You might say, but my life is notable and good, however we never say that in the middle of a nightmare, or when trouble comes. If we could see what is truly happening to us in the spiritual angelic realm, its a nightmare.

Good News

Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength, they will fly high on eagles wings. We need just Jesus, and then let Him lead us to repentance.


Jesus lead us back to you, and bind the enemy from keeping us from searching and trusting you, amen.

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