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Metallica (E=MC^2)

Metallica or E=MetalliCa^2 was a big influence in my life, and I agree with Scott Ian from Anthrax who says that Metallica was the E=MC^2 Of the 80s. Amazing bluesy spanish like solos, hard fast fun bass and rhythm, and great harmonics and guitar duets. They were also something to gather around besides the funny stuff we were smoking. The lead singer James Hetfield was the daddy I never had, and Metallica was a great escape for a lonely Norco kid, and later a dejected young adult living in Sierra Madre. Some said I was an introvert, but truth be told, there’s no such thing as an introvert, your either dejected or not, or in or out. I spent my whole adult years too distracted by the voices in my head, and I spent the rest of the time in extreme anxiety knowing it was too late for me, and dating and social life, including, getting a job was just a passing shadow now. My party days were over. But I got second life despite all of the pain, because I found my peace in God. Have you? Do you know if your going to Heaven? I am, and not ’cause I’m good, rather I am forgiven. I still struggle, but I’m never giving up. Heaven is free, just take it.

My favorite songs from Metallica are too many to count, but I loved Orion, Fight Fire w/ Fire, For Whom The Bells Toll, The Wait, and from their latest Material, pretty much all of Hardwired. Especially Halo On Fire, and Atlas Rise. They truly have made growing old the best of their years, and I think they deserve the Nobel Peace prize, because they are truth tellers, and it’s about time more people were awarded for being real, even if it means discipline, because we all need it. We aren’t living in a fluffy butterfly world where everyone gets a prize. We are hurt, we are fighting, and America needs to return back to the love of God. His love is eternal. Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved! Yep, even you and I.

I saw Metallica at the Rose Bowl once, and was always glad I did. That was back in the early 1990’s, and they were OK live, but I remember I was a little disappointed that they didn’t sing it exactly like the album, but now I’m actually a big fan of hearing different versions of songs, and I know as a singer myself its actually important to the health of your voice, and musical growth to try things differently especially if your like me always fumbling my guitar finger movements, but James and Kirk don’t miss a beat! I wonder how they manage to memorize all their songs? Maybe they are Einstein!

Bless each one of you for reading, liking and sharing my content, and let me remind you that I have a poetry book, and music for sale. Just follow the links on my page. Thanks for your support! – Billy

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