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Steps To Quit Smoking The Right Way According To My Experience

Your smoking schedule has a lot to do with it.

1. Put off that morning smoke until later
2. Drink a gallon of fluids everyday until something, anything happens. You wont be able to do that perfectly, so keep trying even if it takes three months
3. A lot of people are not aware that cigs today are not the same as the cigs they used to sell us in the 80’s, its more toxic
4. Go on walks
5. Urges come in very specific stages, so keep a journal of your progress
6. Call info hotlines for counsel
10. If nothing works, try to get an anesthetic from your doctor that numbs your throat for 3 weeks. This tactic isn’t offered as a treatment choice, however it should, because it will work no matter what. You cant enjoy a smoke you cant feel.

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