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Reasons to hire the disabled, homeless, and mentally ill, while ending the practice of hiring illegal immigrants

People with OCD will make sure everything is organized. People with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder have wild imaginations, so they could come up with good ideas, and are great at the arts. Autistic people have heart, so they will be faithful in the little things. People in wheelchairs still have hands to use. Many homeless people still have hands and feet.

People like me with these disabilities are eager to do things besides watching TV and retiring in a mental or physical health program. We also get very limited money, and can’t even afford our own small apartment in California which is where I’ve have lived my whole life! Americans should come first!

The excuse, not enough laborers is NOT GOOD at all, because there are about 130,000 homeless in California on a given night, and are practically staring us in the face everyday from the highways and byways! Many of the companies who hire illegals are construction companies, and I know one way to put a stop to that real quick: Congress should pass a regulation to charge the lawbreaking companies tarifs!


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