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What Aliens Think Of People According To Bill – A Hypothetical Look At The Future Of Building And Mechanics.

They are less concerned about our lack of intelligence, and more concerned about how we build, and what tools we use. The Bible describes peace in a literal sense as converting weapons into tools. But Americans are a little confused, because the tools we build are still weapons. That’s known as treachery. When you attempt to do something right, but it’s almost as dangerous.

There is something I call Nondestructive building, and Nontreacherous building. Nondestructive or Nonde is pretty difficult to accomplish, and only aliens know how to do that, however there is a path to it by what I call Nontre, which involves building in the most non treacherous way possible, leading to the evolution of Nonde someday which is the future.

Is it hard? Yes, why how do you cut and shape a tree without a treacherous tool that isn’t also a weapon? Aliens like to use energy, and chemicals to build, whereas humans use iron and fire. Treachery.

So I’ve concluded based on my study, that we can use chemicals to cut trees, and energy to travel space. It’s the future. Aliens do not like helicopters, jets, rockets, or anything that could be named as violent or treacherous.

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