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Current Thoughts

CAUTION: I say what everyone’s thinking often.

Peace is possible in a world where we confront our loved ones and friends and neighbors with truth in love. There is no special middle ground of truth where you get to bask in between everyone’s ideas and “chill”, you just have to pick the side that love and grace is on, but it must be love and grace for all, not just for some. We can’t say that we support American youth, but the unborn is uninvited. Grace and love for all. We can’t say we love our country, but only people of our color. We also can’t ask illegals to stop coming across the border, without sending them off with their needs met. We also cannot put illegals before Americans like we have for the last thirty years.

Changing The Script

We don’t have the right to change history or change definitions of words to fit our rhetoric like the feminists and LGBT do. When princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) died, Feminist’s decided to write-in a note into history they thought we wouldn’t catch. That “she was a feminist,” but she said in her own words that she wasn’t, and eventually caved into their pressure to say she was later in life, but in very vague wording bc she was…pressured. Another example, The LGBTQ (and other letters), made up a word that has for some reason stuck and more ways that one apparently. They call it “Homophobia.” A Phobia is a fear OF something, not a fear FOR something, but even google added it to their dictionary, even though it’s based on a false pretense. So congratulations google, you are stupid in English, but smart in left wing political posturing. Of course I’m sure you will try to hide that too.

The key to winning support is not manipulating history, it involves giving without asking anything in return. Feminism, and lies is not what you want to put on your legacy, rather put on love, self sacrifice, honor, love, charity, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self control, and whatever is pure, lovely, and commendable . Leave a legacy of selfless love, not just love for people you like, but your enemies as well. Pray for and bless them. Love others so much that if you fall, you fall upward into Heaven!

Imaginary Race War

The media has started this imaginary race war, and many people are unaware that as we speak, more and more blacks are choosing Trumps side as it relates to policy, and also like having a job unlike the plantation democrats who are so wrapped up in their catering of kings and dictators around the world, they forget about the small guys like us who choose our leaders based on character, and not color.

Old Age Leaders

The older the better! George Washington was old, and he established the US , so bring on the old guys. Old guys rule!

The Media

They have been trying to obstruct the president in the name of journalism for 2 years now, but it’s partisan journalism which shouldn’t exist in one phrase. They are to report facts from both sides, and both sides evenly, not one side a whole lot, and the other a little in a smaller time frame, but report news, and report it in a fair and balanced way. Obstructing the president is wrong no matter how ya slice it.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned, I might publish my next blog “What Aliens Think Of People According To Bill,” but I just might hold off in case the people of earth try to kill me first.

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