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Economics: How To Trickle An Economic Boom Overnight! Must Read!

It really can be summed up with one piece of advice. End abortion. Everyone knows when it comes to the economy, and even our personal lives, for every action there is an exact opposite equal reaction.

The streets of SoCal are haunted by ghosts. Some of them are drugs and crime, some are accidents and incidents, some are actions and consequences, some are violence and war, but the ghosts that reign supreme here in my neighborhood are the quiet scream of unborn kids being killed for no good reason at all. People who think otherwise will never have a good scientific argument for anything in life. It’s like when you when you try to build a car without a chassis. You have to start with a good chassis, and there is no way around it. Whether you believe kids are just mush in the womb, is not even relevant. Believing does not make the lie a truth. I can believe in building a car without a chassis, or build a home without a foundation, but it wont work. Even a mean lonely wolf can blow that home down in no time.


This is a certainty. When it comes to politics, I predicted the market would shoot upward overnight if we elected Trump, and it did, and even Trump was surprised, since he said that nothing happens overnight. However I am still bearish There is one more level to my prophecy that must be fulfilled or were looking at another economic disaster, and that is, to end legalized abortion. Everyone who has ever built a business or empire will tell you that without customers they have no business, and when it comes to systematic trickle down economics, many people need to be born today and afterward for the market to stay systematically trending. The only people that don’t believe in trickle down theory just happens to be the ones (left elites) who are slowing our economy down through the support of abortion. The most important component of the market today is how well the space industry does. The space race as we call it.  What happens in space, benefits all of us in a dramatic way, but the space race (and this is another one of my economic prophecies) will fizzle out over time if we ignore this. If that happens, then our very purposes will fizzle out, because we live in nest, and our momma bird is kicking us out of it.


Assuming that pro-life means anti-women, is a foolish conclusion perpetuated by tom-boyish women in our history, but if you look close at them, they don’t even take the time to portray a professional image which is indicative of who they are. I would even argue that when women accept their rolls as child bearing, they are actually contributing more to women’s liberty, and mans mission then ever, because when we turn on the TV in 2024, we will witness the first manned mission to Mars made possible by the private enterprise, SpaceX. Also, technology is starting to make it possible for women to have easier pregnancies, and still work on their professional lives in the process, because I think at the end of the day, they are bored, and deserve to take part in the human race. With that, being humane, should be the goal.

It’s not to say that God isn’t still in control, or that he will forsake us or not be forgiving if we ask, but seeing things roll, and seeing things fly is two different things. Crawling is OK, but I want to fly. How about you?

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