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Random Lame Blog

My Mars blogs were are not very popular at all except for the first one, so I think I will put off the final installment of the blogs discussing my favorite thing, terraformation, for now. So, today I just want to do a random blog of my thoughts on current issues in the news.


Right now the latest news the media keeps pushing is immigration. I live in SoCal where most of my neighbors are legal and illegal immigrants; minorities as they like to call it. Being one of the states that takes the brunt of illegal immigration, I’m directly affected by it, because I don’t want my neighbors to be bitter. I’m already a loner, so I don’t need anymore of this. What I will say is solving illegal immigration is actually very easy when  you apply the rules of problems solving. There are many ways to win at tic tac toe, but I can win every time. Just pay them some money to let me win. Problem solved. So how does that apply to immigration, because the point of solving problems is to transcend (I learned that word from The Big Bang Theory) the issue all together.

Immigration Issue Solved

   We need to do away with the social security and the DMV id numbering system. I am not a number, I am a name, and the sooner America understands that, the sooner America will again be a light on a hill again, and not just because we have a great military, or a good president, but because we would truly be a nation of peace again, except the other nations will know our name!

Roseanne: The Media Out Of Context…Again

The media gets away with taking things out of context, and using it against conservatives all the time, and it’s high time we use our voice to scream down these issues by just telling the facts. Rosanne Barr did not call Valarie Jarrett an ape, and even if she did, Valarie does in fact look like someone who would star in planet of the apes. If I was a producer for P.O.T.A looking for actresses, and she was an actress, she would get the job. So, this is not about racism, as the media claim. Rosanne didn’t call her an ape, she compared her to the muslim brotherhood, and Planet Of The Apes which is like comparing Valerie to a hard dictatorship, and a crazy wild world. That’s what happened. The media does this all the time, like when the History channel does a show about the Bible. They change the story of the Bible in order to fit there criticism of it. One time they said Jesus had a girlfriend and He (God) was doing her, but the Bible does not say that in any way. Who are they to decide the authority of a book, especially when you can’t even get the story right? Once you get the story right, then your allowed to rightly divide it. Moving on..

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