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Gravity Defiance: The First Colony On Mars

If you want to catch up on my previous Mars posts here are the links to part one Gravity Defiance: Mars and part two Gravity Defiance: The Flight To Mars.

Things are starting to get good at this point, but keep tuned because my next blog about terraformation will blow your mind.

Touch Down

First things first, space organizations will have to send unmanned rockets full of supplies, so once they get to the point of setting up camp for the first time on Mars, there really should be plenty of payload considering SpaceX rockets and Nasa’s Orion SLS are very large rockets/spacecraft. I believe the Orion SLS is supposed to be taller than the Statue of liberty for example Orion Animation.

What we often hear about is that on touch down, they will assemble prefabricated high tech huts to live in as they get started. Those huts will be important at first, because they will need them to sleep in at bed time, while they start digging, and building camp. Digging really will probably be there first job, because they will be millions of miles away from home under terrible conditions, and I doubt they will feel safe in those huts for very long.

As far as tunnel digging, ways to dig depend on the system they decide. At the end of the day though, I’m sure shovels will be the best option in terms of cost and space at first. Two other options would be, one, a small tractor sent on one of the supply rockets, or send a 3D printer up there, and use that in combination with tractor parts already sent up there. The 3D printer will probably win the contest if it works mathematically, and also will be used to build all other parts and tools for machinery and computers and various techy stuff. Since Mars is full of iron, making tractor parts is certainly a viable thing to do.

The surface contains regolith, and below that is rock. So, shoveling regolith is no problem since it’s basically dust, and it looks as though, they will also be building clay out of the regolith, and using that to shore things up. In my own opinion, digging is a must, because it will protect from all kind of problems like radiation for example. Once they start sending people to Mars, they will need to shift from living in caves to living in partial caves, and start building the first partially above ground farm which I will cover more in my next Mars blog called Gravity Defiance: Terraformation. There’s lots of pretty ideas for colonizing, but MIT won a design contest in 2017, and really created a beautiful little paradise. You can read more about that here – Design Contest.


Various duties will include, hiking up mountains to get water, building gardens, recycling everything including urine and feces (see the movie The Martian,) collecting iron from the ground, building tools, and exploration. We often forget how exploration has always been profitable, so the money, time and effort put into it is worth it.  It was sea exploration that found America after all!

Note: I’ve a heard a rumor that space organizations are trying to invent a hydrogen fueled spacecraft that reconstitutes or recycles the hydrogen back into the engines, so that effectively it keeps running through space infinitely using some kind of air conditioning system. It’s based on the theory that air conditioners release water into the air, and that water can be reconverted into hydrogen. If they do invent it, fueling rockets wont be an issue, they will just need to make fuel for living purposes. Since I’m talking about rumors, I used to live in Pasadena, and I heard a rumor that NASA was experimenting with citric acid as fuel. Citric Acid is flammable, and it burns hot and rapidly, but it’s hard to ignite it, and also I think hard to control, however if it were me, I would keep working on that. A lot of meteorites have orange spots on them, so that might mean something. Maybe there are orange trees on planets way out beyond the solar system. These are just rumors though, so take it with a grain of salt or orange, lol.

Space Suits

First things first, I hate them. I am not a fan of space suits, and no one is really except Darth Vader. I don’t even want to talk about them, but here I go.

SpaceX has redesigned space suits, so they look a little bit smaller and neater. The need of a glass helmet is important to provide air to breath and pressurization. The suit has to be warmed, and easy to use, so space organizations are still looking for new inventions to do that like suits that warm up using natural cost effective methods, and even suits that have a built in “toilet.” I believe NASA is taking ideas from anyone who wants to contribute, so if you are a big thinker, then get it done!

My idea, in terms of suits, would advocate for inventing paint that they would spray on themselves, instead of suits. it would be easier do high energy work that way. They would wear the protective paint, and then regular clothes over it. I think they should invent a device that converts urine and feces into energy to heat the paint suits, however that sounds like a stinky job, but hey you never know!









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