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How To Be Single In 2018

The best way to be single, is to do it with style. Be faithful in the little things. Being single isn’t the end of the world, in fact its a good idea to change your focus from trying to find someone to be with, to being the best single person on the block! This blog is mostly for me, but if it helps someone else today then that’s a plus!

Men don’t forget the little things; Dress to impress, iron your clothes, use fabric softener and clorox 2, use cologne, and live faithfully. Close the door on anything that leads you to temptation. Just leave it behind. Be the guy that tries to win her heart every single day, even after you have won her. If you don’t have a potential mate, then be faithful to a prospect, and live your life in a way as if you do have someone in mind, because God is looking. Listen more, speak less. Build your online presence with style. Make yourself look important online, even if you don’t feel that way. Always be professional. Smile

Ladies don’t dress to impress to the point that you are unapproachable, and sometimes it’s good to dress down a bit to be more relatable. If  you look like a drop dead model, your giving men two jobs. Looking at you, and then trying to stop looking at you. You have given him two separate jobs, and then now you want him to approach you. So now that’s three jobs! Help out a little. Stop going to the bar to meet a guy, go to the library or coffee place instead. Remember you have to be quiet in the library, so that poses a problem, but the challenge makes it fun, like a really fun game. When you want someone to approach you, take your eyes out of your phone or whatever your reading. Reading or watching something online or a book is the antithesis of meeting new people. If your with friends, playing fun games in place of reading can help (Board games, card games, etc.) If your alone be patient, and be a helper, and again don’t read. Learn how to be a helpmate.  Smile

In summary: Men practice being a leader even when no one is looking, and ladies practice being a helpmate. And Smile. Smiling, believe it or not is number one on the list for every kind of relationship, work or play! If you have a stain on your shirt, but your smiling, thats all we see!

Blessings everybody! Your reads, likes, and comments mean so much to me, and I’m thankful for each and every one of you. Happy prospecting. Keep an eye out for my next Mars blog this Saturday!

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