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Gravity Defiance: Mars

As almost no one knows I started a project called Gravity Defiance awhile back, and it’s a project I want to get moving at some point. See I have come to the point in my life where I realize that our planet earth is almost literally kicking us out of the nest. Gravity defiance is a mixture of science and politics with the end goal of learning to fly. I plan on doing a host of blogs on the fun and interesting topic of Mars. I want to cover it all, from what it is, to how we plan on getting there someday, because learning to fly involves actually putting some effort into those wings. When I was young, the thought of even getting into astronomy or rocket science was not a good idea, simply because there was no money to be made, and I was lucky to get through the day at school. However looking back I wish I had at least tried to flap those wings.

Science today is almost laughable, because you settle into a good book or article and then bam! They hit you with a bold face lie. The lie that earth and space are millions or billions of years old. It’s at that point I have to seriously consider whether to even finish the book/article when the author is so readily willing to lie to your face like that. Well, don’t worry about that in this blog, I will give you an honest look at science pertaining to Mars with no fluff, or attempt to mystify you with lofty things in order to make money or create interest. The mystery of space is the best part, and because it’s such a mystery, we need to be as close to center as possible as it pertains to invalidated information like the age of the universe. I have to admit it can be hard to filter out evolution and big bang theory, because even though it’s all unsubstantiated, almost everyone involved in astronomy are actually including it into their literature, and selling it as truth. The only reason they tell you that the universe is old is because it’s designed to create interest. That’s all. Einstein was real big on using our imaginations, but he never meant for us to be so lost in fiction that it becomes “truth.”



Where there is smoke there is fire, and where there is matter, there is water somewhere. Mostly likely there is water under the Mars crust and many agree, but if not there has been water found in the form of ice found in the north pole in the high elevations. Water is absolutely necessary for survival and for fuel for there to be any traveling there and back. The atmosphere is made up mostly of Carbon Dioxide (it’s that air that exits your lungs), and other gases in smaller quantities. It’s minus 80 degrees F on average, and at times swings very low at night to 100 degrees, and I’ve read that it sinks well below that at times. Curiosity has measured higher temperatures of 40 degrees F before. because Mars doesn’t have an atmosphere, the crust does not hold warmth from the sun like earth does, and it also doesn’t have a magnetic field.

That prospect of going to Mars is almost equal to being marooned on a desert island where you would die immediately just from the conditions. Even with protection from the environment, the idea of building a colony is preposterous. Think of how we evolved here on earth, and how long and difficult that was for us to become what we are today, an advanced civilization that still gets hung up on political and economic issues, not to mention still ravaged by scarcity in some places and war. However we have reached that capacity to do it, and there are people lining up to be the first people on Mars. If I didn’t have mental illness already my hand would be up too! Talk about the trip of a lifetime, and the mission of a lifetime.


Here is a direct link to the second part of this blog Gravity Defiance: The Flight To Mars There are so many subjects to cover including what what mystifies me the most, what colonization will look like at first and the icing on the cake, terraformation (the conversion to a hospitable planet)



4 Responses to “Gravity Defiance: Mars”

  1. Kate Rauner

    Hi Billy. Thanks for the follow. A colony on Mars – or even a reasearch station – will be quite a challenge. I don’t know how long it will take in real-life, and maybe robots will be Mars’ only inhabitants for a while. But I hope some day we’ll make it.

    • Bill Charlson

      Ya its hard to imagine it right now, but we keep focusing our attention upward, and we could get there.


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