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I Am Not A Stat

Life for me today has too many things running against it. Like sports, the world around me are attempting to understand the game through the scope of stats. The problem with that is we already know who will win before the game has even transpired. In Basketball, we are able to easily predict that Golden State would face off against whoever Lebron James is playing for (and in this case Cleveland). So the results of each year is questionable. No one really knows who the real champion is, because in a game of stats, it’s all about who is bigger, but that doesn’t match up to how the game used to be played. We were never afraid of giants!

Because of this new stat era in sports, the common word you hear from sports commentators is consistency. But games are not really won by consistency like we often hear, they are won by names. I am not a number, I am a name. It used to be OK to sacrifice some numbers to gain the win at the end, because the win is what matters. I don’t care if you got a triple double, did you win the game? Sometimes you have to sacrifice numbers in order to confuse the other team. In other words, consistency is predictable, however my name confuses the masses, and wins games.

Social life is divided by modern psychological terms like extro\introversion. There is no such thing by the way. If we keep friendship spontaneous, it would be fun again, and whether you talk a lot or not wouldn’t be an issue. But If I have a name it doesn’t matter what I am in terms of psychology, the only thing that matters is who I am. It’s possible to hurt our name with just the simple things like who I am when no is looking, whether I keep my word, how I treat others I don’t agree with, and credibility. Because we all live two lives now: a numbers life, and a names life. It’s schizophrenic, because the two are incompatible at some point.

Numbers don’t work in life, because I can get all dressed up, but that doesn’t mean there is anywhere to go. Where to go in a world of numbers is hard to imagine, or even consider. The numbers are against us. Names are for us! Let the naysayers haggle over the numbers, and lets be concerned about our names again. Easier said than done late in life, but it’s still possible to fight those old battles.

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