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Darth Vader “Don’t Wait, Post It Nowww!”

When it comes to blogging, there is a constant nagging voice inside that is trying to decide if my latest entry is ready to publish, or if it needs work. That reminds me of life for me, I am really not sure my place in the world. I could go, I could stay, or I can beg God for a better place in the world. I try to assert my needs to others; I am basically a man with my arms out of the water who needs rescuing, except they are just walking by as not to notice. The issue isn’t that I don’t have enough rescuers, it’ s that the ones that can rescue me who are close enough to do so are not responding. It would be likened to a lifeguard who swims out and offers me a candy bar, while sitting there staring at me as I drown. A pretty funny comedy horror movie, but not what I expected when I worked hard for my college education, and I spent years trying to rebuild from rock bottom.

I deserve better from a human to human standpoint, but don’t assume that I am standing around moping about it. However, we were meant for love, not trying to do things for ourselves. Everyone thinks life is about how you look, or how well you do something, but trust me when you grow older, and no one is around to pick you up, your style will go out the window, along with a lot of your confidence in humanity. You may even remember this post, and wished you had listened. And what is that? That you are nothing without Gods help, and your style is fleeting. My wish for you is that your style lives on, and you retire happy.

Let me pose one more thing to you, what if your trying to change who you are, and be a better person, and Darth Vader is the one helping you? What if Old Darth has some really good ideas? Do you listen? It’s a real issue, because what is the use of having the whole world if you lose your soul in the process? Not to mention, old Darth will be at the door asking for something in return, probably something you can’t give. Darth is always there anyways, so sometimes you have to listen, just to shut him up. Blessings

Stay tuned for future postings, I want to blow the lid off of the things, because….Vader. Thanks my people, reading my blogs wont save you, however my hope is that today you would actually put down your devices, tv, and radio, and be the person your looking for, someone real. And if you decide you don’t want to give in to the culture around you that you aren’t particularly happy about, then try a long distance relationship with someone of your choice. That is the point of social media, am I right? To increase your choices. Thanks again.


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