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From deep within my heart, I need you

Nothing happens overnight; A common thing to hear, especially in all the productivity books I read, and that is a stark reality. However, I’m late to the party in life, and I’m about out of time, and it sure doesn’t help when I fail to communicate to others in a way that is productive and honest, but gracious and positive, and for that I apologize.

I often shoot myself in the foot on social media, and really I am better off staying away from it, especially the comment section even though I am a well intended person. But life for me isn’t too much different apart from social media, and living in SoCal, I feel like I’m the only one in the room, in a room full people, because life is unique, and each person has meaning, and when that meaning is minimized and given second place in everyone’s lives, then I shut down, and that’s it. It’s not going to get better, and if you think it will get better, that’s the problem right there, you have minimized me, and my opinion doesn’t matter. That’s living in SoCal, and worse, we are the ones setting the standard for the rest of America, because it’s a disease that spreads, and we have the most media power. My recommendation to anyone thinking of coming here, you wont survive unless you play the game, and if you lose, you wont get a second chance.

Well today isn’t any different, and I thanks for reading my blogs, it means the world to me



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