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The Straight ——-Path

I wanted to start this blog off with something about John the Baptist. You may not know this, but I cry. Not like balling in my pillow crying, but I cry a lot of things foul. Once I realized I’ve been doing this my whole life, then I started crying over that. It’s just keeps rollin’ those tears. John had the same issue. Before Jesus stepped onto the scene as a man and God, He was on the scene as God.

By the term straight, John was saying “stop giving people the run around,” and he even backed it up when he said Jesus is coming, and wouldn’t you know it, He came right after he said that. I don’t have time to meander through your pretty garden, and smell the flowers (unless I’m there to pick flowers for someone, she knows who she is), no I have a mission, so make the path straight; this is not merely a suggestion. It’s also a command to men. So, that’s all I wanted to say about that.

Lately, it’s been a roller-coaster ride. I wake up, try to tend to my responsibilities, and then go to sleep crying (foul), not simply because I feel inconvenienced, or tired from working hard, or not meeting my goal today. I have scars from the past, and it’s not going away, and the people I want to care about it, do not, but all the others do, however they can’t heal it, yet they are quick to try, and have lots of little pieces of advice, but I am not in need of advice, or psychological help, or another spiritual word, no, what I need is a straight path.

John loved his followers, but there were some followers he did not like at all. The religious people; “Brood of Vipers,” were his exact words which is funny to me right now, I don’t know. Not just snakes, but slimy, nasty, murderous snake babies that mate in large numbers. Words of a prophet, lol. I’m tired of being alone, and when I’m not alone, tired of being followed by snake babies. Last night was the last cry I will make over this issue, I will stand my ground. I have done enough crying, and my last cry was “make the straight path,” and I am not standing down, and clearly God isn’t either, and when he says something, it’s a sure thing, and happens immediately as evidenced in Mathew 3. He doesn’t take us on a ride, and say “oh hey, while were on a ride, have we talked about sin and judgement?” No, the talk is over, so make my path straight





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