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Loving Waters

In my last post we talked about the voice of one crying in the wilderness, but now I wanted to open up and talk about the voice of many waters. It’s a description of Gods voice in the Bible, but it also holds importance for persecuted Christians. When you push anyone around long enough, they will eventually break. Either they will break out in violence, or they will break out in love.

The latter person has succumbed to so much opposition and desperation that they only find themselves deeper in love, deeper into many waters. So desperately lost and blind in their faith that it only deepens their resolve. No one can stop it, no one can kill us, and everyone will take note at the same time. Deep persecution, is met with a deeper love. I wont be given a back seat; I wont be corrected; I wont be forced into seeing things they way they think it should be, not by the religious, or by the world. I’ve been on the edge of suicide since I was seventeen, and have been pushed beyond my limits, and I will never be the same again, but my love is strong. When God is speaking in many waters, its a deep love for humanity. When a man speaks in many waters, its a deep love for somebody, and it says “I need you.”

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