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Buried At Sea Politics: Where Reality Is

The biggest problem with society today is that they are quick to buy land, destroy what was there, and build something new, burying a treasure that was already new, and meant something to someone. That old Lamppost pizza place down the street, the shortcut that we took to the river, or that house where we grew up is all gone. It feels like another form of hate or murder, only it’s fully legal, but to God, when we erase someones existence from our hearts, it’s the same as murder.

You might feel cut to the heart when you read this, because you know what’s it’s like to have everything taken away from you, and maybe have experienced a situation where you lost something that mattered to you. Then you sort through it all and realize that maybe that something didn’t care that much about you anyways, and then your heart is mended a little, but still left with questions and confusion. You move on with your life, and things start bustling. You get that new job, you find a little niche in the world, and soon your back to being you again. The one that was strong, and courageous.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those people who want to conserve everything down to the last tree, like many conservationists today. In fact, when a city never changes it starts to become a bitter place to live and look at. Nothing changes, and therefore attitudes and the overall moods never change either. People never grow, and they never find themselves with the tools need to build their own empire, and maybe have never even realized they are even supposed to. They frequent the same places, maybe the bar, they call on the same people, maybe their besty, and live a life afraid to leave home base so to speak. They never marry themselves to anything really. The book of Genesis defined marriage to be two people of opposite sex who leave mother and father, and cleave to one other. Some ladies never leave father and mother, and some boys never leave either; however something does leave, because it has to. What is it? Everything does. Eventually the tractors come, capitalists start making plans, and politics goes on as usual. Everything seems to move on without you.  Some of us, though trapped in a perpetual state of conservation, will find a way to exist. We have this inner drive to stay the outsider we dreamed of being growing up. I was rock and roll, and that’s the life I wanted to lead now and onward. I mean after all, what’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold, right? But somewhere out there in the inner workings of the city is a world you may have never considered. People, who won, people who found themselves on the other side. Because they took a risk, they didn’t accept the status quo, and built on their dreams.  They focused their attention on what really makes a healthy lifestyle, but before you start feeling proud of yourself, keep reading, because that really nice car you made off with isn’t a sign of victory in a world that is fallen with a worthless currency.


Politics today can be explained better if we just stop calling it politics, and call it an economic money grab. The media, CIA, FBI and government authorities are running the game which is really just a police state. They, who are tasked with protecting us, secretly are trying to bottleneck the system. They are trying to trap the world economy into a perpetual state of conservation, where we don’t grow, and we are never allowed to start our own businesses without a lot of tape, or lead our own lives. We are in the mercy of a socialist empire, I like to all Post America.  Too many regulations have left law abiders like you and me with questions of what we are allowed to do and not, and then add to that the fact that these regulations change all the time. Bottlenecking sounds like a cool thing, I mean in this kind of state we have more control over who is in and who is out. The newest thing right now is crypto currency, which is as communist and socialist as we can possibly get.  These are basically electronic coins that are tracked instantly and permanently. I don’t like those words by the way when describing anything. What a nightmare, but don’t let it get you down, because identity of ideology is a good start to understanding where do us little people fit in all of this.

The language of Angels

You might be reading this and think I am not writing on your level of intellect, or something else, which is probably more in tune with reality, and that is that you are bored out of your mind, but I want you to know that if you press on, if you try, you could understand the language of angels if need be. That’s ok, if you get to this point in my blog, then at least you can say you didn’t stay home like everybody else.

The people outside, that is, the outside of my intellect are pressing in right now, and they are ready to bust. I start to wonder when they will just kick me out, or escort me out by calling the police or something. They have a look of hatred and indifference. They are like stoic squirrels always with eyes of red alert when I come in the room staring me down with attitudes of objection. But If I live a life without love, then it doesn’t matter if I understand the tongues of angels, I would just be a clanging symbol or a banging gong. I like music, so that isn’t entirely bad, in fact I want to get my guitar right now, and turn it into a blues song. Maybe it would it would be called Angels in Blue. But sing it until the morning if you want, if they even think it’s not out of love, it seems it would just be a waste of a good song.

So, how do I bring all of this to a close with an answer to some of life’s most difficult challenges? So far we have talked about conservation and stagnation, bottlenecking by authorities, people in general who are stoic, and the best thing of all, love.


When I describe love, maybe I think about relationships, charity, or championing a cause. Maybe, just maybe we think of marriage and family. But to a man who is starved of it, it can also be a monster. It can be negative, and maybe even a thief in the night. But love is really not a way of life as much as it is redemption. Redemption Song is one of the best songs ever written by Bob Marley. Redemption is different than forgiveness, because it means I don’t need to be forgiven, I need to be redeemed. I need someone to believe my story, and have a little faith in me. We all need God’s forgiveness, but right now I am not facing God, I am standing before man. I said once to a significant other that I thought she was perfect to me, and she humbly followed by confessing she isn’t perfect, but I meant that she was perfect “to me”, as in, from one person to another person. When I read the bible I see that I am flawed, and man is flawed, and we can never lay claim to perfection no matter how hard we try, but that’s from a standpoint of eternity. But, I am not facing eternity at the moment, I am right here, still plugging away at life.

Love is this: Love has no one than this, but to lay down his is life for his friend. Sometimes love is staying, and sometimes love is walking away. It’s confusing, it’s like that song should I Stay, Or Should I Go? And that is my Cue.

Do I matter to anyone? Do I matter to that girl at the supermarket who always straightens herself when I come in, or do I matter to the ones who I already know me who say they love me, who say I matter? Do I matter to the those who I cherish, but don’t cherish me back, or to the lady I was hoping to have a shot with, but struck out?. Is it just selfish to even ask? Know this: I can’t answer those questions, but I wasn’t born yesterday, and I know what love is, I just DON’T know what to with it. I was made for love, but no one will take it from me.




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