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How women’s magazines ruined relationships and dating for me and others

Since as long as I remember women’s magazines have been writing articles about dating, and often coach women on how to manage various scenarios having to do with dating and relationships. They have painted a picture of the perfect man, and usually painted them into a box such as good or bad boy, or marriage material or not.

This swipe right, swipe left attitude cost me a lot of potential dates, and even relationships of all kinds. Before I have even said hello, I am already on her radar zone of various titles given by books and magazine articles about relationships. In many ways, it has done a good service for women, but I feel disparaged and defamed, because I am sure I don’t benefit the good side of all this. Because of these articles and books I have no self esteem or confidence, and even if I thought I found the woman of my dreams, I know that she probably has already swiped left. It’s not fair that I have to work so hard to keep things fresh and interesting and romantic when she already has a checklist of do’s and dont’s and who is good or bad. Of course I take full responsibility for my actions, and emotional intelligence in all of this, but I also can’t sit back pretend it’s all good, when it’s not.

As a man I have learned over the years about why I have been going wrong, and what stands out is I haven’t been working hard enough to change who I am, and become the man she needs, but I also wasn’t aware that these articles in magazines have already decided who I am and what I am worth. The truth is, what makes a good man is who he knows, and also where and with whom he spends his time. I know that I am a better person professionally when I am treated like I am worth something, before it actually materializes. In other words, I do better at work, and would be successful professionally if I find someone who accepts me at face value with the realization of my potential before she sees it on paper. Just because I can’t take her on a fantasy date in Maui today doesn’t mean that wont change tomorrow. I am worth something or at least I am worthy of a chance, and not have to live a life disparaged by Vogues dating checklists. These publications are trying to help women find the perfect genetic prototype man, and in the process, the rest of us are out, and have no meaning or purpose. Really they should be sued, but you can’t sue everybody I guess. Take care.

By the way if you like this blog,I recommend to stay tuned for the next one, because I am going to break down the state of politics for you, and believe me you don’t want to miss this. Thanks

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